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Betting soccer

Betting soccer

Lay betting explained!

Type of betting that is becoming more and more popular is known as Lay Betting and in this article we are going to explain it. There are more complicated realities of lay betting but there is a simple explanation for it.

In other words lay betting is that type of bet where you must predict if a team is not going to win or something is not going to happen. For example your brother or your best friend is betting all the time to Man United to win, and you can lay bet against for the entire time. Lay betting besides that it can be used to bet against teams you can as well use it to bet against individual players. You can for example bet that Cristiano Ronaldo will fail in throwing three touchdowns or that Lionel Messi won’t score a single goal while he is out on loan.

Lay betting actually came into its own with horse racing and the lay betting is the most common there. It is the most common there and not in sports like soccer (football) because horses can be first, last, place, no place and so on, while in football one is the loser and the other the winning team or it is a draw.

Betting soccer

Betting soccer

However, the most important difference between lay betting and the more traditional types of betting is the fact that your odds are mirrored. For example, if your favorite team has odds of 3/1 then your odds will be 1/3 and the payouts are according to odds in the same way as the traditional types of betting.

Another really important thing that you should keep in mind if you decide to try lay betting is that you are playing the part of the bookmaker B365 and if you are wrong and you fail your bet you will have to pay out as would the bookmaker. This means that this is not like the traditional bettors when they are without their money just when they lose their bet but that lay bettors will need to keep a sharp watch on their liability of the bet. For example, a simple bet of odds 10/1 for one team to lose will become 1/10 liability if the team actually wins.

Because of this if you do not want to take risks and you are lacking the courage you shouldn’t try lay betting. On the other hand some people might find it quite exciting.