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Status Home Score Away Details +
Status Home Score Away Details +
Status Home Score Away Details +
Status Home Score Away Details -

EarnBet Live scores


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EarnBet allows you to view live scores from some of the top football leagues in the world. Get in the game right now and watch live scores pour as the action is happening, so you can instantly get real-time updates from current matches to place an active bet. You will be able to see what time the games start by clicking on the clock icon on the left side of the page, so you do not miss a thing.




View the status page featuring all stats of matches whether they are full-time, postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen factors.


Home Team


It is often thought that the home teams have on-field advantages because they are playing in their own house. Next to the status slot is the name of the home team currently playing, so you know which stadium they are in for an imaginative visualisation of the area and you can conduct research to find out the advantages and disadvantages of that specific stadium. If it is your home country’s home team stadium, then you could get in the game by rooting for your favourite players as they strike a goal like you were there. Feel the energy of the crowd’s camaraderie of roaring cheers rooting for the players as they make the score!


The Score


Next to the home team slot is the score. If the game was cancelled or still in process and no one scored, then you see would 0-0. The left number is the home team score, and the right number is the away team score. You can see many scores from the previous game and use that information as well to place your bet bet 365.


Away Team


The away team is typically more motivated than anyone to win the game because they at a disadvantage considering everyone in the vicinity of the stadium and beyond is rooting against them, so they tend to work harder because they are not on their turf. So, always factor in travel time and morale of the team spirit when placing a bet.


Information Icon


Next to the away team slot is the information icon where you exactly can see what is happening in the match, including summary, past batches, progressions, interlude, predictions, and current standings.


Live scores


The Live Score section also has a list of all the games played, finished games, and future games. You can switch to the calendar app and see which games were played on which day and what the score was. All this information could be used in creating your predictions as well.




Have fun with the Live score on EarnBet. Earn more than you have on any other sports betting website with our exclusive predictions system. Place your bet to make more because sports betting is a way of life for people who want to stay in the game. You cannot win if you do not play. Sign up to place your bet now. Now, get in the game and enjoy the site!

Live Scores